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Welcome to the Youth Grand Challenges portal! Submit your competition entry here. The closing date for entries is 26 September 2017 at 18:00GMT.

The competition

There are four entry levels for the competition.

  • Discovery: Discovery offers a great first introduction to project work. Typically undertaken by 11-to-14-year olds, they take about five hours to complete, and are ideal for classroom, club or youth group activity days. Discovery entries into the Youth Grand Challenges must be team entries. Try our Stop the Spread Discovery Day resource, developed especially for the Youth Grand Challenges.
  • Bronze: Bronze Awards focus on fun and transferable skills. They require around 10 hours of work on one project, and are typically completed by 11-to 14-year-olds. CREST Bronze allows students to experience the project process; improving their enquiry, problem solving and communication skills. Try one of our Youth Grand Challenges Bronze project ideas. 
  • Silver: Silver Awards stretch students and enrich their studies. They require around 30 hours of project work and are typically completed by 14-to 16-year-olds. Your students will develop their own project idea and will gain experience of going through the scientific process. 
  • Gold: Gold Awards allow students to conduct real research. They are longer-term projects that require around 70 hours work, and are typically completed by 16- to 19-year olds. At Gold level, your students’ work should contribute something new to the scientific or technological community or to a particular field of study. 

Still not sure which level is for you/your students? Visit